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Manuscripts Requirements




UDC is placed as a separate line on the left.


Information about the authors is placed before the title of the article:

  • The author's name (initials and surname);
  • Academic title, academic degree;
  • Position or profession;
  • Place of work (name of institution or organization, inhabited locality);
  • Name of the country (for foreign authors).


Title of published material:

May not be included in the title of the published manuscript name of section, subsection, cycle, it is published in.


Subtitle information:

Information about the type of published material, including "Literature Review", "Review of… " phrases in review publications are placed after the title of the published manuscript.



Summary should be done in the initial language of the submitted material and placed before the text after the title and subheading data. For original articles summary should include the following brief sections: introduction, research methods, results and conclusion. Each article should have a summary in Kazakh, Russian and English. Summary in Russian (if the article is in Russian) is placed before the text, and summaries in Kazakh and English - at the end of the article. Correspondingly, the summary in Kazakh (if article is in Russian) should be placed at the beginning of the article in Kazakh, then Russian and English - at the end of article. Each summary should contain keywords (from 3 to 6 words). Summary text should be as informative as possible and reflect the main results of your work. Summary of the optimum volume is from 2 /3 to 1 page. Remember that for many readers all acquaintance with your article is limited with reading its title and summary. Therefore you should consider the summary as a very important and responsible work. Pay special attention to qualified translation of the summary into English.



Keywords are placed on a separate line after the title, before the text of the submitted material.



Original article should be consisted of an introduction, the characteristics of its materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusions or deductions.


Bibliographic lists:

The title "References" should be used in the title of the bibliographic list. The list is placed after the text of submitted material. All links in the list should be sequentially numbered and arranged in order of appearance in the text. Bibliographic references in the text should be given in square brackets with the numbers in accordance with the list of references. References should be formed according to GOST 7.1-2003.


Formatting the article:

Font should be 12-point Times New Roman in one-and-a-half line spacing. Format: Microsoft Word files (Doc).


The length of articles:

The length of original articles and lectures, including tables, figures, references and summaries should not exceed 10 pages, maximum size for review articles is 15 pages. Separate reports and notes should not exceed 5 pages.


Contact information:

The article should include information about the authors, their phone numbers, addresses with postal code and e-mail addresses.


Abbreviations in the article:

The article must be carefully verified by the author. Abbreviations of words, names, titles (except for common abbreviations of measures of physical, chemical and mathematical quantities and terms) are not allowed. Abbreviations and terms should be defined upon first use in the text. Only standard abbreviations can be used in the summary of article.


Illustrations (figures):

All figures used in the article should be numbered and signed. Each figure should be mentioned in the main text. Figures should be in TIFF (tif) format and can be made by CorelDRAW 7,8 and 9, FreeHand 8 and 9 programmes. Bitmap mode is allowed (bitmap - black and white image with no halftones). Resolution is 600 dpi (for black and white line figures), and no less than 300 dpi (for colored figures, photographs and illustrations with gray elements). Submitted works should not be published, and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Editorial office reserves the right not to publish, to criticize and not to return to the authors the articles which do not adhere to mentioned instructions. The authors of publications are responsible for pointed doses of drugs, formulas, and numerical indices listed in the article. The Editorial Office reserves the right to shorten and edit articles and illustrations. All articles are considered to be reviewed.

Standard for Information and Publishing GOST 7.5-98

Standard for Information and Publishing GOST 7.1-2003



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